Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Light Energy Systems Becomes Acro Energy

Solar integrators are integrating themselves. We've just successfully been acquired, along with another company, by a publicly traded company. We'll be looking at each company's best practices and teaching each other how to provide even better customer service and even more competitive pricing. 

Solar integrators are where the "rubber meets the road," or perhaps more appropriately "where photons become electricity." We use modular components from many possible panel and inverter manufacturers to design and install custom solar electric systems. We are the "face" of the solar industry; we are the crew climbing on your roof, we are the poster child for green job training, it is our salesmen leading people towards freedom from high utility bills.

As integrators get larger, our ability to serve you will increase. Your warranty will be backed by a larger and stronger company. The cost of your system will continue to creep downwards. The aesthetics of an installation will improve.

It's an exciting time in the solar industry. More and more power is going to be offset from old-fashioned, dirty generation sources. We're really pleased to be part of this next wave of improvements.


  1. Over the next few days and weeks, all of our marketing and sale materials will be gradually switched over to reflect our new name and mission. Thanks for your interest and patience as we grow!

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